Legal Notice

Publisher of this website

Herrmann, Huebner & Partner Insurance Broker OÜ

Pärnu mnt 388b-1, 11612 Tallinn, Estonia

Email: [email protected]

Managing Director: Christoph Huebner

Registry code: 14897643

Insurance intermediary

We are a company operating as an insurance broker, which is included in the list of insurance intermediaries of the Financial Supervision Authority of Estonia. Our license can be verified at any time here:

Licence & Complaint point

Clients interest

As insurance broker we provide brokerage services in the interests of the client by mediating contracts on the basis of independent analysis, which means that the insurance broker represents the client with the insurance company and cooperates with insurance companies only insofar as necessary at once.

Professional indemnity insurance

The insurance broker’s liability insurer is

  • UAB „Prokopius“ on behalf of Lloyd’s Insurance Company S.A.
  • policy no. PI21PR0137
  • email: [email protected]


As a broker we may receive a commission both from the policyholder and in such a way that the commission is paid by the insurance company on behalf of the policyholder or in a combination of the above. We always disclose to the client the amount of the commission received by him and by whom the commission is paid, and the principles of formation of the commission on the basis of the insurance contract.
The broker’s commission is generally a percentage of the insurance premium or a fixed fee.

Complaint management

A client complaint shall be resolved within 10 days as of the submission of it to the insurance broker. If additional information or a more thorough investigation is required to resolve the complaint, the complaint shall be resolved within 30 days from the receipt of the complaint by the insurance broker.

Upon receipt of the complaint, the receipt thereof shall be acknowledged and the complainant shall be notified of the procedure for resolving the complaint in a form that can be reproduced in writing. The decision made in the case of a customer complaint shall be forwarded in a form that can be reproduced in writing to the customer’s contact address or email.

Together with the resolution of the complaint, the possibilities of continuing the dispute are explained to the client and the client is offered the opportunity to receive additional explanations.
It is possible to file a complaint against the activities of an insurance broker with the Consumer Complaints Committee of the Consumer Protection Board (the conditions of appeal are published at or the Financial Supervision Authority ( or a court (